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~The Terra e... Community~

地球へ… ~The Terra e... Community~
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地球へ… ~The Terra e... Community~


This community is dedicated to the Terra e... manga and anime originally by Takemiya Keiko. The reason for creating this community is that this series is quite unnoticed by the audience, and it didn't have a community so far. I don't expect this to be an active comm, I just wanted to have a place to share the Terra e-love. This story needs more attention and fans - here you can find all the information and downloads to Terra e.


Basic rules:

☆ please write in English.
★ please no noobie/intro-posts.
☆ please be courteous, no flames and no spamming.
★ don't bash any characters or pairings.
☆ please no off-topic posts.
     ~ the mod can make related off-topic posts.
★ please no ads, including multifandom-rpgs and other communities.
     ~ except for directly Terra e... related comms
☆ please no anonymous, friending or any other memes.
★ please write an informative subject and use the tags when you post.


☆ please friends-lock all sharing posts.
★ the series is licensed so please friends-lock all fansub-related posts.


☆ please put spoilers under an lj-cut.
     ~ in the comments please make it white.
★ please use an lj-cut when you post an image bigger than 400px in width and 300px in height and/or more than one.
     ~ exceptions are the big archive and news posts by the mod.
☆ please put fanart and fanfiction under an lj-cut.
     ~ one preview pic up to 200x200 is allowed.
★ please put youtube, etc videos under an lj-cut.

Permission and crediting

☆ don't post fanart or graphics from fanart without the permission of the artist! Don't direct-link fanart sites!
★ please credit if you use someone’s scans, graphics, make sure you’re allowed to use them, and ask for permission if needed.

Be sure to check and think

☆ please no request-posts about stuff that can be found in the community archives.
     ~ always be sure to check the tags or the memories.
★ please think twice before you comment and post:
     ~ check the other posts before you ask a question, and nothing         stupid please!
     ~ more small comments in a few minutes in the same entry aren't         welcome! Gather your thoughts first!


keithshiroe - the community for the fans of the pairing
gfantasy_mag - the community for the mag when the new manga series was running

If your post/comment breaks the rules you will be warned, and if you don't correct it, the post will be deleted in a day.
Repeat offenders might face ban.

updated: 2008/11/08



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